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You are not alone. Farssi community includes over 7,000 Gamers. Join our Discord server and get help with any issues you may have, from using the server to modding it.


Game servers are all unique, and we want to bring you all the latest plugins and mods to your control panel, automatically, quickly, and completely free of charge.

Not so expensive

The purpose of the website is to cover the server costs of the community. So, by using our service, you are essentially running your server at cost.


Our services cover thousands of unique players every day. We can scale your service according to your community's needs. If you have any questions, you can always come chat with us on Discord about your server!

Have any questions?

FAQ is a fully Finnish gaming community discovered through role-playing. We run a large number of our own servers, some of which are public and some are used by community members for their own purposes. was founded to cover our community's server costs. However, in practice, our operations have expanded to the point where we run our own services alongside game hosting, and customers enjoy a situation where they largely only need to pay the service's purchase price. We run several thousand individual server processes on our system. runs our own services from the same systems we sell here. You can be sure that every service works as well as it possibly can from the server side. We trust our own services, and so do many large Finnish gaming communities. Through us, large and small communities can run all services from one place very conveniently. If your community needs a self-managed platform, you can run your service through your own VPS server or GameVPS (we often use these for heavier games). If you want to focus more on playing or developing the server yourself, you can also run most games through our control panel. All in all, is a service that has been made by players for players. Our interest is not to kiss your ass, our interest is that the services work as well as possible.
We use TCAdmin game panel to manage the servers, which includes features such as game installation, configuration, and FTP access, among others. Our control panel also includes features for managing servers and databases, as well as an automatic backup system.
In early 2021, Farssi GameHost started with the idea of providing services to Finnish players from surplus server hardware. However, it quickly became apparent that other companies operating in Finland had not succeeded in providing services, especially to larger communities. This caused a significant influx of visitors to our service, and the operating model had to be rethought. Currently, GameHost's idea is to offer services at cost price to Finnish players. The profit margin from our services is practically 0. The main purpose is to cover our own community's server costs, which currently account for less than one percent of GameHost's services.

Since the whole point of the operation is to work at cost price, there may be situations in some games where the server's prepaid price is not enough to cover the costs of using your server. This can happen, for example, if you have 300 players on the server every day, etc. In these rare cases, we will talk to you and examine the situation on a server-by-server basis.
You can share the right to use your server however you want. You can create a separate sub-user even in the payment panel, where another person has access to also pay bills. You can also share the right to use your server by creating separate credentials for individual admins. You can limit usage rights in a way that you choose. You decide who to trust and how you want to manage your server.

Collected from customers

Weleho ~

I have been a member of Farssi for over two years. The system has worked like the train's toilet, quickly and straight onto the track. No one gets a full five stars.

Epex ~

I started running my own Rust server on Farssi sometime in 2019. I wasn't really interested in taking care of it, but luckily Farssi's other administrators took care of it for me. The server popped up in early 2021.

HoikkiS ~

I've been playing RP on Farssi's servers for a long time. Now we set up our own DayZ server through Farssi and the server popped up immediately. Farssi's administration also helped in building the server!

Letku_Jyppe ~

For the second year, the Hellcity TS server has been shared with Farssi. We have also received support. I myself leech all the juiciest rumors in Farssi's Discord.


Jan 27th

Emshrouded lisätty peleihin

Valheimin kanveriksi markkinoille tullut Enshrouded on lisätty pelilistoille. Huomatkaa kuitenkin, että peli on todella EarlyAccess vaiheessa. Tästä syystä sen toimintaa ei pitäisi ottaa itsestäänselvyytenä. 

Jan 22nd

Palworld lisätty peleihin

Uutena tulokkaana palworld on nyt lisätty pelilistaukseen.